Centre For Brain and Nervous System

Performed More than 5,000 cases which include Brain Tumour Surgeries, Craniovertebral Junctional Surgeries, Spinal Tumour Surgeries, Complex Spine Surgeries, Minimally Access Spine Surgeries, Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgeries etc.

Centre for Cardiac Sciences

Over 11,500 Coronary Angiographies and 3,500 Coronary Angioplasties successfully performed by the Centre for Cardiac Science.
More than 1,700 Cardiac Surgeries performed with world class outcomes.

Centre for Cancer

Completed Over 2,500 complex cancer surgeries with excellent outcomes for Head and Neck, Oesophagectomies, Primary Reconstruction with Microvascular Free Flaps, Gynaecologic Cancers, kidney, urinary bladder & prostate, Breast Cancer etc.

Centre For Bone and Joint

Over 8,900 Joint Replacement, Arthroscopic and Spine Surgeries Performed.