Changes in lifestyles, higher livel of stress and all sorts of pollution are causing an epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in India. This increasing incidence of cardiovascular diseases has also made it necessary for us to provide state-of-the-art hospitals with latest technologies to adequately deal with these illnesses.

Bombay Hospital Indore is conceived to provide a state of art fully equipped cardiac care centre to provide comprehensive services to our patients. The entire gamut of services from diagnostic non invasive services and CT imaging is available under one roof, as are top class Interventional cardiology and Interventional radiology. A full range of Cardiac surgery and Vascular surgery services complete the therapeutic armamentarium for providing patients with the best in class treatment that is their right.

Cardiac Unit at Bombay Hospital Indore consists of a spacious pre-operative area, fully dedicated operation theater, 10 recovery rooms, a cath lab and central monitoring station. They function as one cohesive, self-sufficient unit infusing renewed vigor into the life sustaining organ we know as the heart.

Operation theatre dedicated exclusively for all types of cardiac surgeries inclusive of Heart Transplant. The theater is equipped to conduct the most complicated and delicate coronary artery bypass grafting procedures. The sophisticated equipment available includes:

Sarns 8000 Modular Perfusion System-
Utilised extensively during open-heart surgeries, it offers a five pump base with easily interchangeable pumpheads.

Sarns Temperature Control Monitor II-
Provides precise temperature control required to monitor patients on cardiopulmonary bypass.

Used successfully to conduct Minimal Invasive Coronary Artery (MICAS) surgery.

Maquet Betstar Mobile Universal Operating Table-
Combines electrohydraulic drive for table height, lateral tilt and Trendelburg adjustments for unmatched patient positioning capabilities.