Orthopedicians at Bombay Hospital have a wealth of experience treating all bone-related ailments, from sports injuries, to fractures, to diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Additionally, our orthopedicians are experts in performing orthopedic surgeries, such as a simple (simple surgery) to a complex (complex surgery). Moreover our surgeons have also developed and pioneered many innovative methods which are technically advanced in the modern healthcare scenario.

The operation theatre is equipped with the latest equipments like image intensifier, operating microscope, and top of the line arthoscopy equipments. The department at Bombay Hospital performs all types of Joint replacement surgeries i.e primary, complex and revision replacements in large numbers with excellent results.

The extensive measures taken to provide a sterile environment has resulted in a minimal infection rate comparable with the very best in the world.

The infrastructure along with most advanced technology and the finest team of surgeons has enabled Bombay Hospital to successfully carry out some of the most complicated orthopaedic surgeries ever conducted in the country.

Services and Treatments offered -

Clinical coverage of sports injuries, fractures, lower back and neck pain, arthritic conditions of joints and osteoporosis

Arthroscopic Surgeries of Knees and Shoulder joints and ligament reconstructions

Surgeries of the spine for treating problems of the disc, infection, trauma and other deformities

Corrective surgical treatment for congenital disorders like residual polio

Endoscopic (Key Hole) surgery for sciatic pain and disc prolapse

Inter Laminar Epidural Endoscopic Technique of Lumbar Disc Removal.

Percutaneous bone grafting from the upper end of tibia.

An innovative percutaneous treatment technique for die-punch injuries of the distal radius.

Innovative techniques for fixation of the head of radius in irreducible anterior dislocation of the head of radius.

Minimally invasive fracture fixation (MIPPO technique)

Joint replacement surgeries

Complex fracture management