Histopathology Department
Location First Floor, West Wing
For Appointment 0731-4771111 Extn. 2155
Dept. Timings 10 am to 6 pm
List of Consultants Dr. Piyush Vyas

Histopathology :Histopathology Plays a very important role in diagnosis, especially of cancer, in the tissue specimen obtained by biopsy or during surgery.

Frozen Sections :In cases where preoperative diagnosis of any lesion is not confirmed, during surgery while the patient still in operation theatre; a piece from suspicious area is taken and sent to the laboratory. A diagnosis is made available in about 1⁄2 hour that helps in planning the extent of surgery and further line of treatment. Requires special expertise, training and equipment.

FNAC :For the diagnosis of the nature of superficial and deep seated lumps, masses, growths or cysts in the body. A relatively painless and very simple technique where a thin needle is used to aspirate the material from the lesion for diagnosis. Takes much less time for reporting as compared to conventional methods and is much less expensive. At Bombay Hospital aspiration is performed by the pathologist himself, thus a high degree of accuracy is maintained. Facility for USG and CT guided aspirations is also available.

PAP smear :A very simple, painless, outdoor and cheap procedure for the diagnosis of precancerous and cancerous lesions of uterine cervix. Every woman in child bearing age and thereafter is advised to take this test at regular intervals.

Exfoliative cytology :For the diagnosis of nature of various body fluids.Bone marrow : Aspiration and reporting done by the pathologist for the diagnosis of various blood related diseases.

Immunohistochemistry : Advanced technique for the diagnosis of type of tumor.