Physiotherapy is a Multi Disciplinary Allied Clinical Branch of Medical science, which deals with complete Rehabilitation of an ailing Individual. Physiotherapy Provides Therapeutic effect on individual’s with various health hazards, through its Electro-therapy and Exercise-therapy approach in treatment. Physiotherapy Department at Bombay Hospital Indore is a fully equipped Multi Specialty Clinical Physiotherapy Department with Provision of services in all-clinical Branches of Modern Medical Science. The Physiotherapy Department of B.H.I is Located in the Basement floor of Bombay Hospital-Indore, and is working successfully Under the Expert Guidance of Dr. Rohit Subhedar(P.T) as H.O.D For the Multi Speciality Department of Physiotherapy- Bombay Hospital- Indore.

Role of the Physiotherapy Department:

The Multi Specialty Role of Physiotherapeutic approach at Bombay Hospital-Indore, Includes provision of services in various clinical fields of modern medical science such as:
Cardio Thoracic Physiotherapy
Respirator y/ Pulmonary Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy In Orthopedics and Rheumatology
Physiotherapy in Neurology and Neuro – Surgery
Physiotherapy in General Medicine and General Surgery
Physiotherapy in Oncology and Onco- Surgery
Physiotherapy in Urology and Nephrology
Physiotherapy in Community medicine and Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy in Sports Medicine and Sports
Physiotherapy in Pediatrics and Geriatrics
Physiotherapy in Physical Fitness, Anti-stress- wellness and
Preventive medicine

Scope of the Department:

Application of Physiotherapy Services in form of four main Sub Groups:
Electrotherapeutic Physiotherapy Approach
High Frequency Modality based Therapeutic Approach
Low Frequency Modality Therapeutic Approach
Medium Frequency Modality Therapeutic Approach
Exercise-therapeutic Physiotherapy Approach
Active Exercises, Passive Exercises and Others
Exercises with Specialized approaches
Aerobic and anaerobic Exercises.
Manual Therapy
Therapeutic Massage and advanced Soft Tissue therapy
Hydrotherapy Approach
Cold and Hot Immersion Therapy
Humidification and Jet Steam therapy
Jet steam Hydro Massage
Spinal Baths, Steam Baths and others
Cryo Therapy
Multi Specialty Rehabilitation Approach
Cardiac rehabilitation
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Neuro Rehabilitation
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Sports Rehabilitation
Geriatric and Pediatric rehabilitation
Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Prosthetic and Orthotic Rehabilitati

Quality Objective and Our Holistic vision:

We firmly believe that each patient entering our department is an angel sent by God, to serve him by our small and tender efforts.
We firmly believe that service to humanity is service to God.
We firmly believe that healthy body gives healthy mind and healthy mind helps realize healthy and peaceful soul. Lets take the first step towards “ The Ultimate”, by taking care of “ One’s own self”.
We always say that! Patient’s satisfaction is our Aim and Our Sincere Commitment to the community.


Dr. Rohit Subhedar
B.P.T., M.S.P.T., PhD Physiotherapy
Professionally Registered Physiotherapist in India, UK and Ireland.
HCPC : PH124141 (United Kingdom)
CORU : PT050115 (Ireland)
IAP : 4950-L (India)
Mobile: +91 9406614301/+91 9770141177
Dr. Rohit Subhedar is a Double Post Graduate in Physiotherapy with:
Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy
Masters in Cardio Thoracic Physiotherapy
PhD In Physiotherapy
A Senior Physiotherapist with more then 20 Years of Clinical and Academic Experience, having attachment with various Universities as External Examiner and paper setter for Physiotherapy Subjects.
Mentamove Therapist- Germany
Manual Therapist- Australia
Yoga Therapist and Naturopath.


Dr.Rohit Subhedar had been awarded with “Young Achievement Award” 2014 by the Indian Association of Physiotherapist- India.