I was brought by my family in absolute agony and weakness in all limbs which was there for last two days for which I was hospitalized initially at CHL hospital Ujjain, but than my problem was not getting diagnosed over there so people and my friends who knows Dr Atul Taparia, suggested his name and about excellent critical care facility at Bombay Hospital Indore. I came here in conscious state but my all limbs were paralyzed and I was not able to breath properly. I could remember, I came to his chamber at first floor on stretcher and he saw me patiently and calmly and in next few minutes he could diagnose my problem that I was suffering from GBS. In next two hours he performed certain investigations to confirm the diagnosis and my treatment was started. At this juncture I have developed big confidence in him as well as in Bombay Hospital Team that I am in safe hands. Over next few days every time whenever he would come on rounds he used to motivate me for physiotherapy and to keep my moral high. I stayed in hospital for more than two weeks and gradually started improving, started moving my limbs, able to walk with support. Now I feel that Dr Taparia and his team in ICU are like my family members. I am thankful to the Hospital Management for setting up a World Class Hospital with excellent team and facilities at Indore. And I am thankful to god that I came here and now have recovered nearly.