Bombay Hospital Indore

Considered the premier private trust hospital in India which was Set up in 1950s by the great philanthropist Shri Rameshwar Das ji Birla. Every year around 2 lakh OPD patients & 28000 inpatients flock to Bombay Hospital – Bombay for various kinds of treatment.

Chairman’s Message


Charity and the pursuit of excellence are the two fundamental ideals that provide us impetus to focus on the well being of the patient who is our primary responsibility. We have an obligation to provide the best possible treatment, delivered most efficiently, in the shortest possible time span and at minimum cost.

On this bedrock of charity we are relentlessly building the bedrock of excellence in the hospital by continuously refurbishing its spaces, installing the most modern medical equipments and injecting professionalism and dedication in our management team, so that our world class doctors can discharge their duties and responsibilities in an academically stimulating and hassle-free environment.

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Urban living in the 21st Century is not the kind of living our bodies were designed for. The fast pace of life, stress, sedentary lifestyle, travel, irregular eating habits and the ever attendant toxic pollutants in air, water and food, all serve to wear out our bodies at an alarming rate. Wha