My story began on January 4th , 2002 with the painful experience of first miscarriage. Since then struggling with infertility and continuous miscarriages the life was difficult, earth shattering and downright devastating. Going through all painful diagnosis, changing doctors and spending a lot of money on treatment for years were enough for me to give up all the hopes and accept the fate. Having a baby had become such a distant dream for us; and the reality of getting pregnant was too difficult to achieve. My life was ruined, and I was in tears all the time due to having the thought of not being able to experience the amazing journey of pregnancy

It was 2011, I came in Bombay Hospital to talk to the gynecologist and it was a very unusual experience because I’ve been to many doctors before, and never has a doctor who could be such a patient listener, counselor and optimistic for the patient. He was the one who could explain my problem and the reason behind it. He could answer all my questions.

And yes miracle did happen to me, I became pregnant again but this time I was at peace because I noticed he was trying to take one step at a time and taking everything into a different perspective. It was an exciting, and at times, overwhelming journey, but the Hospital and staff made it a great experience.

On April 3rd , 2012, I had such an amazing experience of giving birth to my son at Bombay Hospital, Indore. I want to thank everyone who took care of my little one and me. I felt everyone who entered my room was absolutely wonderful. My husband and I felt the entire staff was so supportive and comforting to us. We feel extremely grateful and thankful to them for all they did to us.

Yayati Joshi